BootMan 2.00

Manage which applications start automatically on your phone

BootMan is an autostart utility that provides quick access to those applications that you use most often. You can select any number of programs that you want to start or close automatically whenever you turn your phone on. BootMan saves time as you do not need to deal with those applications one by one. Using the simple and convenient interface you can configure your autostart list and also how the programs will behave when started. You can manage several other boot-related functions as well.

Major features:

  • The most comprehensive autostart utility for Symbian UIQ phones
  • Saves time by bringing your phone quickly to the state you like
  • Unlimited number of applications can be included in the autostart list
  • Supports both immediate and startup-time execution
  • Can restrict execution to a certain flip mode
  • Configurable delay before and between starting each application
  • Optional confirmation and screen messages during execution
  • Customizable startup sound
  • Restart or turn off the phone from software
  • Edit the system greeting text and set startup-time locks (SE phones only)
  • Detailed information on all installed applications
  • Useful information like system uptime and list of running programs

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BootMan 2.00